We Are only as good as the people who invest their lives and resources towards our Vision and Mission, and We have the greatest investors out there.

Oversight Board

Our oversight board is made up of a diverse group of community focused servant-leaders. Their role is to provide counsel and accountability to the We Are ONE executive team.

Oversight Board Members

Oversight board members will be announced in the Fall of 2017.

Executive Team

The We Are ONE executive team is responsible for steering the We Are ONE organization in a direction which aims it to accomplish the mission and vision of We Are ONE.

Executive Team Members


Jared King

Co-Founder and Director

Jared is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech and holds a bachelors degree in Industrial and Systems engineering. His heart has always yearned to see different people groups come together, regardless of the cause. He is completely convinced that radical acts of love in any city or place has the potential to change an entire nation.

Follow Jared's journey at thekingsvoyage.com.

Joe Davidson

Co-Founder and Director

Joe is a born and raised NRV native currently living in Radford. His background in special education, project management, public speaking and public service have shaped him into passionate world changer. As a child he was taught to always leave a place better than he found it, and that is what he intends to do with his life here in the NRV.

Follow Joe's journey at kingdomroast.com.

Vision Team

Vision team members carry the heart beat of We Are ONE and help create plans and strategies so that dreams can come alive. The vision team is made up of individuals who have loved and served the NRV and other communities well, and plan to leave a lasting mark on our community.

Vision Team Members

Don and Evelyn McKeon (picture coming soon!)

Ben and Danielle Bradford (picture coming soon!)

Lou Vitelli (picture coming soon!)

Intern Team

Our interns our the next generation of We Are ONE leaders who are being equipped and trained to receive and run with the We Are ONE baton.

We Are ONE Interns

Michael Tagg

Allie Woodward (picture coming soon!)

David Yoon (picture coming soon!)

Volunteer Team

The We Are ONE volunteer team is a large and diverse group of passionate people who graciously invest their time and talents to love and serve our community. We are currently looking to expand our volunteer base. If you are interested in learning more about joining the volunteer team, reach out to us at contact@weareonenrv.org.