Where we came from


In May of 2016, a student from Virginia Tech did the unthinkable. He turned down an incredible job offer to chase a dream that seemed impossible. He was fully convinced that it would change the world.


In June of 2016, a young professional family man and his wife counted the cost of giving their lives to the same dream. He then put in a 6-week notice at work and went all in to pursue the dream that was burning on their hearts.


In June of 2016, they met with a handful of leaders from the New River Valley and they started dreaming together. They dreamt of what it might look like to see businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies, churches, etc. working together at a higher capacity in order to love and serve the community in the most efficient way possible without duplicating efforts. There was no grid to work off of, but this dream had seared their hearts. There was no turning back.


These leaders began to meet weekly for seven months before hosting We Are ONE’s first local leaders meeting in January 2017 on the campus of Virginia Tech. They continued by hosting monthly leaders meetings in February and March. These meetings consisted of local church, ministry, and business leaders. Their heart was to leave no one out, but they knew they needed to start somewhere.

At these meetings, over 70 local leaders came together to deepen their relationships and share their dreams for community improvement. They began to discuss what greater levels of unity among churches would look like alongside the mission of seeing negative statistics reversed by linking arms and working together. It was out of these meetings that the heart and plans for the April 16 Gathering were birthed, which was the first community gathering We Are ONE hosted. The event was monumental not only for the community, but for the churches in and around the New River Valley. A catholic priest and protestant pastor partnered up and tag teamed a message that changed history.

This upcoming year, we are in the process of connecting with more local leaders who want to see the New River Valley changed for the better. If that's you, please contact us. We are currently in a season of strategizing, planning, and developing funds for future projects. Our team is expanding quite rapidly. If you are someone who desires to join us full-time, part time, or even just volunteer, you can contact us. You can help write the rest of the story.