Love is a wildfire that is only contained when we don’t see the beauty of the person standing right in front of us.

Where we are going


It's simple. We find the needs of our community and we meet them. Together.

We are currently in the process of connecting with more local leaders who want to see the New River Valley changed for the better. If that's you, please contact us. We are currently in a season of strategizing, planning, and developing funds for future projects. Our team is expanding rapidly. If you desire to join us full-time, part time, or even just volunteer, you can contact us. You can help write the rest of the story.


Our Mission


We are a growing, multi-generational, network of leaders who work together to catalyze positive change within the community. We collaborate with local churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals to love and serve the New River Valley more effectively.


Our Vision

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We see a future where the New River Valley, other cities, and even nations have no negative statistics to speak of. We see a future generation arising that will look back through the lens of history and marvel that there was once a time when churches, business, and other organizations didn't work together to transform their cities.